<h1>Artist Statement</h1> <br><br><h3>
<em>When we try to pick out something by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe</em>.  – John Muir<br><br><em>In their innocence and wisdom, in their connection to the earth and its most ancient rhythms, animals show us a way back to a home they have never left.</em>  --  Susan Chernak McElroy<br><br>
I have had a rich life with many travels and adventures throughout North America and around the world.  Traveling to photograph the Great Migration in Africa, eagles in Alaska, giant tortoises in the Galapagos, polar bears on the shores of Hudson Bay, baby harp seals on the pack ice in the North Atlantic and Mount Everest in Nepal is like making a pilgrimage to a sacred site.<br><br>  
Photography helps me to feel more connected to Life. There is a traditional Lakota Sioux prayer “Mitakuye Oyasin” (All are related). It reflects the inherent belief that Everything is Connected.   It is not the photograph of an animal by itself but rather our relationship to it that is important.  When I’m in the presence of wildlife and wilderness I feel a sense of connectedness, wonder and mystery.  Capturing all of that in a photograph is difficult.  Whether or not the viewer feels these same things when looking at my photographs, I cannot say. <br><br>  
 Wildlife photography is a window into a world that is diminishing and unavailable to many people who would be as moved as I have been in the presence of prey and predator, desert and mountain, gentle and dangerous fellow creatures. We must work to save these animals and wild places. <em>They are disappearing from maps and memories like leaves off trees. By saving or losing wild places we will ultimately save or lose the best parts of ourselves.</em> – Kim Heacox<br><br>
What I value in nature photography is integrity, honesty, and the ability to reveal the essence of our natural world.   The viewer should come away from an exhibit of photographic art with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the place each of us has in the web of life.<br><br>
Professional skill and knowledge of the camera and its capabilities is a given. I like my photographs to be “clean” and simple.  Background is important.  Finding the convergence of animal, landscape and light and waiting for them to align requires patience and luck.<br><br>   
In the end, what I feel is gratitude.  It is still a beautiful planet that we live on - full of beauty, wonder and magic. And I am grateful to be part of it. </h3>

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